Community work should be mandatory

I do not agree with Mr Jeffrey Law Lee Beng ("Don't make community work compulsory"; last Wednesday).

It is true that doing community work should come from the heart and be done voluntarily, but without it being made compulsory, students may not be bothered to search for ways to offer their services.

This may cause them to be unaware of the varied possible ways they can contribute to society, some of which they may actually find pleasure in doing.

Community work should be compulsory, as it introduces to students the idea of contributing back to society.

However, schools should do away with a set target of the number of hours of community work to complete.

If students are not pressed to complete a targeted number of hours, their experience will be more enjoyable and they may be able to pursue areas that they have a passion for.

Ng Ying Ting, 15,

Secondary 4 student

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