Committee of Inquiry should include 'outsiders'

An independent committee has been formed to look into the circumstances that led to the death of full-time national serviceman Dave Lee Han Xuan (NSF's death to be investigated by independent panel, police; May 3).

Thus far, the members of the Committee of Inquiry (COI) are ostensibly people obliquely related to the Government .

Certain as I am of their integrity, calibre and ability to draw dispassionate, objective and non-partisan conclusions, what matters equally is the optics of it.

The composition of the COI must include an equal number of "outsiders" to appear independent.

The family of the soldier would more likely be mollified by the outcome of the COI with the inclusion of outsiders.

National service is a national issue and the public is definitely concerned about how it is conducted.

Hopefully the recommendations of the COI will militate against future mishaps in the military.

Wong Mun Tat (Dr)

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