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Combined efforts from management, workers needed

As a safety and health practitioner and trainer, I am concerned about the rise in the number of fatal accidents at workplaces.

I strongly believe that everyone should go back to their loved ones after work every day.

I do not agree with Ms Mindy Ler, director of Authentic Builder, who said that many safety officers attend the safety officer course, go to work and disappear for half the day ("Lack of experience poses big problem"; last Sunday).

Mr Han Wenqi, Achieve Safety Training's principal trainer, said that safety officers must tread a fine line between the cost concerns of their employers and the preservation of life and limb ("Local supervisors must speak up"; last Sunday).

A workplace safety and health (WSH) officer works as a coordinator between the top management and contractors. He has the power to stop any unsafe acts and conditions under the WSH Act.

The competency of both the management and workers is key to safety and health.

Safety officers need the full support of the top management in their WSH management and performance.

Prior to commencing work, risk assessment and a tool box meeting need to be conducted, and should involve all workers.

On-site supervision has to be conducted by competent engineers and supervisors.

With these combined efforts, we can work towards an accident-free and healthy workplace.

Goh Kim Seng

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