Clean toilets let shoppers know they matter

I wonder if anyone notices how sparklingly clean the toilets at ION Orchard mall are ("Have more, and cleaner, toilets" by Ms Tan Lay Hoon; Sept 8).

Besides providing an essential service, malls actually let their shoppers know how important they are to the business when they maintain the cleanliness of their toilets.

Like Changi Airport, ION Orchard has neat uniformed staff who take pride in their work. ION Orchard's toilets are dry and clean, the sink area is spotless, there are paper towels on hand and there is a separate area in the ladies' washroom where one can neaten oneself up.

Whenever I have to run shopping errands, meet friends for coffee or go for supper with my husband, I invariably choose ION Orchard or Changi Airport.

Clean toilets matter. It is time more malls took a leaf out of Changi Airport's and ION Orchard's book.

Veronique Galistan (Ms)

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