Clarify issues about BTO balloting and process

In the 1960s, HDB flat balloting exercises were carried out manually in open public areas, and the results were immediately posted on a board for all to see.

Today, in the age of computers, it is done by electronic ballot.

However, the successful applicants are informed of their balloted queue positions about one to two months after the close of a Build-to-Order (BTO) sale exercise.

What factors are considered in an electronic ballot to ensure fair balloting?

Why is there such a long time between the close of a sale exercise and when successful applicants are informed?

With electronic balloting, there should be no reason why applicants cannot be informed of the outcome the moment an online BTO sales application closes.

The Housing Board should clarify these issues and ensure more transparency in its handling process. This is particularly important when we have "oversubscribed" BTO sales.

Tan Soon Hock

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