China has vital role in promoting world peace and progress

It is absurd and amusing to say that North Korea's actions are aimed at self protection (North Korea's actions all aimed at self protection, by Mr Paul Chan Poh Hoi; Sept 7).

You don't protect yourself by shooting missiles over other people.

I agree with Mr Toh Cheng Seong that it is bizarre to blame the United States again (Bizarre to say key to nuclear-free Korea lies solely with the US; Sept 8).

It is always easy to blame the US for trouble in all parts of the world. This is because the US media is free to publish all kinds of comments and reports - some of which are very detrimental to their country's image.

The world owes the US a big favour for ending World War II. Asia, especially China, should be thankful to the Americans for stopping the brutality and carnage their population experienced.

China helped North Korea during the Korean War some 60 years ago. It was only natural, as they shared the same principles and ideology then.

Now that China is technologically advanced and economically viable, it should play a vital role in helping the world to live in peace and to progress. A long-time friend should be spurned if he persists in doing things that affect you adversely.

The US may not be right in stepping into every situation it sees as unjust, but its interventions are often justifiable at that point in time.

It is only years later and with the benefit of hindsight that "alternative" views appear.

Nevertheless, I would rather have a vociferous busybody who will help me when I am in trouble.

Daniel Chan Wai Piew

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