Child-centricity in MSF's divorce support programmes

We thank Ms Charmayne Lim Shioh Bin for her feedback ("Invest more in helping kids in divorce cases"; April 3).

Last year, the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) set up four divorce support specialist agencies with our community partners.

The specialist agencies offer counselling, social work and psychological services to divorced families.

They also run programmes, such as Children-In-Between, to help divorced parents and their children develop coping skills and resilience. When needed, the children can be counselled individually.

Ensuring divorced parents know how to co-parent effectively after a divorce helps their children feel stable and secure despite the break-up.

The new mandatory parenting programme which Ms Lim mentioned focuses on child-centricity earlier during the pre-divorce stage.

Guiding parents to think through their living arrangements, finances and housing arrangements post-divorce also helps to increase parents' awareness of the impact of divorce on their children's well-being.

Ms Lim and members of the public may wish to visit MSF's website for more information about divorce support programmes.

Rahayu Buang (Ms)


Family Education and Support Division

Ministry of Social and Family Development

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