Chicken rice treat a good tribute

It was really heartwarming to read yesterday's report ("Chicken rice treat for 300 foreign workers").

Local caterer Select Group has taken the lead in distributing packets of chicken rice to workers at the Kranji Lodge 1 dormitory.

It would be a thoughtful deed if more established local caterers could treat our foreign workers with a monthly meal of local Asian food.

These caterers could even tie up with other companies which might want to sponsor these meals.

This considerate gesture would go a long way towards expressing our gratitude to these workers for the work they do in building our nation's infrastructure.

They work long hours, for low pay, in a menial and dangerous job; they do the work that our citizens shun.

As a First World nation, let us not forget to recognise these workers' efforts.

Ada Chan Siew Foen (Ms)

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