Voices of youth

Cheers to healthy food in school

The initiative to serve healthy food in school canteens is a good one ("More school canteens serving healthy food"; Feb 1).

Most children detest eating fruit and usually go for unhealthy snacks such as chicken nuggets, biscuits and sweets.

These foods contain a lot of of fat, sugar and salt, which can lead to long-term illnesses.

I welcome the new set meals containing brown rice, wholemeal bread, meat, fruit and vegetables.

Although these meals cost more, it is worth the money as having a healthy meal is crucial. 

I hope schools will also consider cutting down on carbonated drinks and the use of oil in cooking.

Schools could go further by having a weekly fruit day, where students can bring any fruit to be consumed during recess.

The owner of my school's fruit stall is very keen on serving healthy food such as fresh vegetable rolls and potato salad.

She also makes healthy desserts such as red bean with black rice, which beat the unhealthy desserts such as ice cream.

Shyna Zhuoying Gunalan, 12, Primary 6 pupil


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