Chas clinics advised to display reminders of subsidies eligible patients can enjoy

We thank Mr Tan Kok Tim (Make it an SOP to ask for Pioneer Generation card in clinics; Sept 1) and Ms Tan Kim Hong (Why fuss over when Pioneer Generation card is shown?; Forum Online, Aug 29) for their feedback and suggestions.

The writers suggested that the Pioneer Generation (PG) card verification process at the Community Health Assist Scheme (Chas) clinics be made more seamless, especially for the elderly.

The Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) has been working closely with all Chas clinics to ensure that patients are able to benefit from the subsidies they are eligible for.

Chas clinics are required to verify patients' subsidy eligibility during the visit. The Chas clinics can either request for the patient's PG or Chas card, or check electronically via an online portal, to verify the details against the patients' identification cards.

The AIC also advises Chas clinics to put up counter display materials to remind PG and Chas card holders of the subsidies that they are eligible for.

With regard to the experience shared by Ms Tan, we understand that Ms Tan's mother was not given the subsidy initially, as she did not have her PG card for the visit and had agreed to pay with cash.

The clinic has since made a refund to Ms Tan's mother on a goodwill basis, after she returned to the clinic with her PG card.

We will look into ways to make the verification process seamless for eligible card holders.

Lee May Lin (Ms)

Director, Communications and Engagement Group

Ministry of Health

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