Forum: Channel funding to sports that can deliver results

Hougang United's 16-year-old winger Farhan Zulkifli (centre).
Hougang United's 16-year-old winger Farhan Zulkifli (centre).PHOTO: SINGAPORE PREMIER LEAGUE

In the 1970s and 1980s, Singaporeans were drawn to local and regional football, especially during the Malaysia Cup season.

Today, Singaporeans still watch football, but prefer the European leagues and major international tournaments to local football, judging from attendance at the Lions' football matches and Singapore Premier League matches.

Granted, Singaporeans today have more sports to watch and support as there are now more local sporting heroes and many are world-class.

The recently concluded SEA Games is a case in point, with Singaporean champions from the ages of 15 to 50.

Given the excellent performance of Team Singapore, it is an opportune time for Sport Singapore to review how it allocates funding.

Athletes have lost funding for missing qualifying times for international events.

Therefore, given limited resources, the funding for football should be reviewed so that money can be channelled to other sports that can win regional or global recognition for Singapore.

Deserving sports and athletes that can deliver or have delivered results should be supported so they can reach their full potential.

Dennis Ang Bak Hwee

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