Changing utilities accounts protects homeowners

We thank Mr Tan Kin Lian for his feedback ("Make it easier to change billing for utilities accounts"; Jan 26).

Mr Tan suggested that homeowners who rent out their premises be allowed to retain their utilities account and apply for the bill to be sent to the tenant during the tenancy period.

But this could lead to homeowners assuming undue liability when tenants default on payment.

He also asked whether proof of home ownership is necessary when he resumes account ownership at the end of the tenancy period.

Each customer is assigned a unique account number per address and the number is not transferrable. This is to ensure that liability for charges incurred rests with the rightful account holder.

It is important to verify ownership or tenancy when there is a change in account holder for a given address to ensure the correct party is billed.

We welcome feedback and will review our processes where we can to serve our customers better.

Lynette Tan (Ms)

Director (Customer Experience)

SP Services

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