Change is hard, but necessary

The news that Gong Cha is being replaced by LiHo has been a hot topic in my school (Goodbye Gong Cha, hello LiHo; May 29).

It is not being taken very well by many Singaporeans.

Is this merely due to a familiarity with the Gong Cha name? Gong Cha outlets are ubiquitous in many other Asian countries. Do people feel that they have lost the connection to the world because of the "Singaporean" branding?

I feel that Singaporeans are not ready to embrace their own culture and be proud of it.

It is human nature to rebel against change. But without change, we can never reach the highest peaks.

Hence, the introduction of drinks like cheese tea should be viewed as a step in the right direction. It gives people the opportunity to try new things.

This complements how our education system is encouraging students to develop risk-taking skills.

I applaud Mr Rodney Tang for his courage in rebranding his business. I hope more brands will adapt to a Singaporean culture, and instil a stronger national identity and pride in our country.

Carissa Lee Xin Yi , 15, Secondary 4 student

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