Change design of bus shelters

Recently, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced that it has completed 200km of new covered walkways (New covered walkways to hit 200km mark; Sept 16).

This is good news for people who use walkways frequently.

But I would like to highlight that priority should be given to improving existing bus shelters.

Many bus shelters still follow the old design, which does not protect commuters from the rain.

There is also a distance between many bus shelters and the bus, which makes it challenging to board the bus during heavy rain.

If a person on a wheelchair has to board the bus, the other commuters have to wait until he is on the bus before they can start boarding. During this period, many of them end up getting wet.

I have seen some bus shelters that are designed to protect commuters from the rain.

But these are few and only at selected places.

Doesn't every citizen deserve a good bus shelter that serves its purpose?

I hope the LTA or the relevant authority will look into quickly adopting the new design for all bus shelters in Singapore.

Lim Tong Wah

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