Centre, paper help foreign workers here to integrate

The Migrant Workers' Centre (MWC) does not wish to see the workers who patronise the Dibashram centre adversely affected, and is keen to provide assistance to keep the effort going ("Foreign workers' centre running out of funds"; Sunday).

Activities such as those carried out by the local monthly Bengali paper Banglar Kantha and Dibashram are positive efforts to help workers here integrate better.

We have previously worked with Mr Abdul Khaeer Mohammed Mohsin, who owns the centre and runs the Banglar Kantha, and we will be contacting him to explore how we can work with him again to help the good work of the centre continue.


With respect to the Banglar Kantha paper, we are hopeful that our help with Dibashram will relieve some of the pressure on Mr Mohsin, and make it easier for him to also continue with his publishing work.

Alternatively, the MWC will engage with the authorities to explore ways to provide key news and information to the 160,000 or so Bangladeshi workers in Singapore.

We also remind all migrant workers that MWC can be reached 24 hours daily on our helpline on 6536-2692.

Yeo Guat Kwang
Migrant Workers' Centre

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