Forum: Central updating system for patients being worked on


We thank Ms Margaret Lee Kim Gek for her letter (Have efficient way to update address change with healthcare providers, Oct 17).

The Ministry of Health (MOH) agrees that patients should be able to update their residential or contact addresses conveniently through a one-stop platform.

The One-Stop Change of Address Reporting Service (Oscars) is a service for participating government agencies such as ministries and statutory boards to receive updated addresses of NRIC holders of Singapore citizens and permanent residents.

However, the law currently limits the sharing of personal information with public healthcare institutions as they are not government agencies.

Nevertheless, SingHealth patients can update changes in their address and contact details through the "change of address" feature in SingHealth's Health Buddy mobile app.

Patients only need to update the changes on the app once for them to be updated across the SingHealth cluster.

MOH and the public healthcare institutions are working on scaling up this feature to all other public healthcare institutions via the HealthHub mobile application.

The new feature will allow updating of changes in contact details and addresses across all healthcare institutions.

Tong Ming Shen

Director, Data Governance Division

Ministry of Health

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