CCs can hold courses on repairing household items

Dr Allen Chong is absolutely right that we have neglected the fourth R in our efforts to reduce waste: Repair (The forgotten 'R' in the drive to reduce waste; March 3).

He also mentioned that, very often, it costs less to buy a brand new item than to repair an old one.

The bulk of the cost of repairing an old item comes from transport and labour.

These two cost items can be removed if the person does the repairs himself.

The problem is, most people do not know how to do the repairs.

This is where our community clubs can help.

They can organise classes to teach people to repair or change parts in common household items, such as fans, water heaters and taps.

The course fees could perhaps be paid for with SkillsFuture credits.

Vincent Ong Keng Sian (Dr)

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