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CCAs allow for holistic growth

Ms Jane Ng's column ("CCAs can offer invaluable life lessons"; Nov 30) was timely in reminding us that co-curricular activities can inculcate values that develop good character.

A CCA is an integral part of a student's holistic education. It helps create team scenarios and provides leadership opportunities for students.

CCAs are also a good way to relax after school. If a student's CCA is something he enjoys, or has passion for, it can make mundane school life a lot more interesting and diverse.

Unfortunately, some students and parents pursue CCAs for different reasons, as they see CCAs as a means to spruce up the child's curriculum vitae.


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A leadership position in a CCA or participation hours earned while in the CCA will stand the child in good stead when applying for Direct School Admission to secondary schools, or entry to a junior college or polytechnic.

CCAs can also improve the aggregate score of an O-level student, by shaving off two points from the score. This can be essential for entry to some junior colleges.

CCAs are an opportunity to lead, have fun and pursue non-academic interests. Students should consider these factors when they choose which CCAs they wish to participate in.

Wong Yu An, 14, Secondary 2 student

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