Caught in fibre broadband service delay

I signed up for a fibre broadband plan with MyRepublic recently.

Upon signing up, I was asked to provide dates for OpenNet installation, along with alternative dates in case the service was not available on the dates I had chosen.

The next day, I received an SMS from MyRepublic confirming my appointments. My service appointment for OpenNet installation was set for last week.

However, a day before that, I received an e-mail from MyRepublic informing me that my service appointment had been postponed and they expected to resolve the matter within 60 days - 80 per cent of the time - with no reasons given. They were also unable to tell me how long this would take to resolve.

I called MyRepublic and was told that OpenNet installation could take several months and that this is a very common occurrence.

I was also told that, despite the potential delay of several months, I would be locked into my contract with MyRepublic, which would start only when service begins.   

I have the following questions:

Regarding OpenNet, why has there been such a delay when my residential building is marked as fibre-ready? Why was I informed of the cancelled appointment only a day before?

I had arranged for my renovation contractor to be on-site for consultation and this delay has disrupted both our schedules.

As for MyRepublic, in the light of such a long delay of several months, is it still fair to lock customers into the contract?

If the service I signed up for cannot be provided within a reasonable timeframe, say one month or six weeks, shouldn't there be an option to change the service provider and for the contract to be voided?  

Lim Han Wei

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