CashCards a simple solution to risky mobile payments

I do not understand why many cashless payments are done through mobile phones.

Why should consumers incur higher costs through hidden fees such as mobile data charges, bank charges, transactional charges and others, most of which people are not even aware of?

Mobile phones are also not very safe or secure.

One's personal information as well as transactions can easily be tracked through his phone. I dread to think of the consequences should such information be breached by hackers.

A simpler solution to cashless payments would be to use the existing CashCard.

For a start, the Government can issue standalone CashCard terminals to all hawkers at food centres.

The CashCard is small, handy to use and relatively safe. Any loss will be limited to the amount stored in the card. Most importantly, it is completely anonymous as there is no personal information available on the card, reducing the chances of damage.

Furthermore, everyone, from the old to the young, can carry a CashCard.

There are no passwords to remember, no numbers to punch and no QR codes to scan. One just needs to tap the card on the terminal and the transaction will be completed.

Ng Kok Chuen

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on August 24, 2018, with the headline 'CashCards a simple solution to risky mobile payments'. Subscribe