Car-free plan has many benefits

I look forward to car-free Sundays, and hope to see more car-free zones in Singapore ("Parts of CBD and Civic District to try out car-free Sundays"; yesterday).

Cities like Paris, Shanghai and Jakarta have launched car-free days, in an attempt to reduce air pollution.

Singapore's aim is to "promote active lifestyles and enhance liveability in the city", unlike other cities that aim to reduce pollution.

As a developed country, Singapore has been looking at how its people can lead a healthier and more enriching lifestyle. With car-free Sunday mornings, Singaporeans will have the chance to cycle or walk in the heart of Singapore.

This can also be an opportunity for family bonding. Families can take their children out for early morning exercise, followed by a visit to the historical landmarks and museums along the route, to learn more about Singapore's heritage and culture.

It is good to see more and more public areas becoming car-free for certain hours of the day, as this will not only bring Singaporeans closer, but will also encourage Singaporeans to take a step closer to the goal of walking 10,000 steps a day.

Car-free Sundays will allow people to exercise and have fun.

This is something that we should all support.

Jong Ching Yee (Miss)

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