Capable man with heart, dedication

I read with dismay that Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew has decided to leave politics ("Lui Tuck Yew decides to leave politics"; yesterday).

I have had the honour of working for him on occasion, albeit indirectly, through my voluntary work, first at a neighbourhood committee and later, through another grassroots organisation.

I have been able to observe up close what Mr Lui is like in action.

He is truly sincere in his concern for the people in Moulmein-Kallang GRC. He showed particular concern for the needy and the elderly, especially those who lived alone.

I was very impressed by his energy and enthusiasm as he went on his walkabouts and in his service to the community.

I felt comforted that my then group representation constituency was in the hands of a man who was not just talk but all action.

Some questioned his sincerity when he first took a train to get a first-hand experience of what most of us go through on our daily commute.

I hope we remember that he is not the cause of the problem, but was trying hard to be part of the solution.

The past 50 years were not easy for Singapore, and sometimes, we had to learn from our mistakes as we went along.

This is precisely the case with transport issues right now, and it is a pity that a man capable of finding a solution will not get the time to do the job.

Many netizens are critical of him and have even made fun of him. For Singaporeans who tried to make a joke out of Mr Lui, the joke is now on them. We are going to lose a very capable man whose heart is all Singapore.

Suzy Egan (Mrs)

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