Can't put monetary value on housework

It is unfortunate that the work that housewives do is undervalued (Pay housewives a salary, by Mr Cheng Choon Fei, March 15).

While most people view household chores as troublesome, housewives wholeheartedly carry these activities out, making life almost effortless for all the other people living in the house.

Housewives deserve love, care, respect, appreciation and acknowledgement for these tasks. To compensate housewives in monetary terms is a shallow thought.

Not only would that be disrespectful to the emotions with which they undertake these tasks, but it would also make it seem that these activities can be substituted.

The devotion, warmth and generosity that housewives offer are invaluable and can never be measured in monetary terms.

Viewing every task economically, thereby quantifying each activity, will dwindle its true essence.

Sharma Sanskriti Satyakam, 18

University Year 1 student

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