Can't police go by CCTV footage to nab wrongdoers?

Somebody recently damaged my sister-in-law's car, with the damage costing nearly $10,000 to repair. She lodged a police report immediately, but was instead advised to file a complaint with the State Court as this was classified as a non-arrestable offence.

As most public carparks are now equipped with CCTV cameras, my sister-in-law requested that the police view the footage to identify the suspect.

The police managed to identify the person and advised her to lodge a magistrate's report as this was classified as a civil case.

Isn't the footage of the person carrying out the mischievous act as good as the person doing so in the presence of the police?

After all, the main objective of security cameras in public places is to deter and detect crime.

If the authorities cannot do anything even after viewing footage, the presence of CCTV cameras will give the public a false sense of security.

Donny Ho Boon Tiong

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