Canopy Park attractions safety tested

The Manulife Sky Nets Walking attraction at the Canopy Park of Jewel Changi Airport.
The Manulife Sky Nets Walking attraction at the Canopy Park of Jewel Changi Airport.PHOTO: ST FILE

We refer to the letter by Ms Jolene Lim Xiuzhen (Safety concerns at Jewel Changi Airport, Aug 26).

At Jewel Changi Airport, the safety of our guests is of paramount importance. Canopy Park's attractions have undergone numerous safety tests, including certification of the materials used, before they are certified safe for operations.

Since the opening of Canopy Park in June, more than 300,000 guests have used these attractions. While safety is our priority, unfortunately, accidents happen from time to time. We strongly urge all guests to stay aware of their personal safety while having fun at Canopy Park.

There are safety advisories and rangers at all the attractions to remind guest about proper footwear, appropriate behaviour, minimum height requirement and adult supervision for young children. The rangers keep a vigilant watch on all guests, especially children.

We are very encouraged by the positive feedback shared by our guests, and some of the suggestions made have also been incorporated into the design of the park's offerings to ensure that the overall experience at Canopy Park is enjoyable for all.

We also regularly review our safety measures and will continue to undertake regular and rigorous checks of our attractions periodically.

Jeremy Yeo

Head, User Experience

Jewel Changi Airport

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