Can drones force closure of Changi Airport?

That a few drones can incapacitate one of the world's busiest airports has pointed lessons for us (Drones ground flights at Gatwick airport; Dec 21).

Is Changi Airport - rated among the best in the world - similarly vulnerable to such low-tech disruptions?

More importantly, can our air force, with the most technologically advanced hardware in the region, be crippled by a similar squadron of unmanned aerial vehicles?

Similar questions can be asked of our port and naval bases, if we consider unmanned miniature submersibles.

With drones being so easily available, legislating their owners and their usage can be a nightmare.

Of course, we can impose fines on those who use commercial drones in restricted places when they should not be doing so, but this is like shutting the stables after the horses have bolted.

Tackling the unauthorised use of drones must be on the minds of our aviation authorities and military leaders to thwart mischief of a grander and more sinister nature.

Yik Keng Yeong (Dr)

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