Can developers really operate like this?

Recently, I found out that the management agent and the cleaning companies in my condominium are both subsidiaries of the developer. This raises some concerns about conflict of interest.

There were earlier Forum letters by other condominium owners who expressed concerns about how some management councils and developers are bending the rules to suit them(Management councils can be as big a problem as proxy issue; Feb 28).

In my condominium, the manager himself expressed that he was powerless to get the cleaners to do a proper job as they would not be replaced because of their connection with the developer.

Lately, there was another problem. The condo's entire management team will be resigning by the end of this month - just 15 days away from the first annual general meeting in April.

I understand that one of the reasons for the team's action is that they were pressured to sign off on some defects as having been completed, when they weren't.

Are there no rules to protect home owners in condominiums from such action? Is what the developer doing legitimate?

David Yang

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