Forum: Buy more for cheaper? Then shop in groups

Shoppers at a department store in Orchard Road.
Shoppers at a department store in Orchard Road.PHOTO: THE NEW PAPER

I agree with Mr Ho Fook Cheong's views that the use of sales gimmicks to increase sales can have undesirable consequences (Better way to increase sales than using gimmicks, Dec 28, 2019).

This instigation to consumers to buy more than what they need or planned to buy, is achieved using pricing ploys such as buy-one-get-one-free promotions or selling a second piece at a lower price.

Such gimmicks are not confined to supermarkets and can be seen island wide, especially during the festive periods.

It seems that more and more vendors are indulging in this practice, even for shoes, clothing, household items and all manner of consumer goods. Even big-ticket items are not spared.

Seems to me that one way to get around this problem is to shop with your friends, in groups.

Who knows, perhaps some good may come out of this, in fostering togetherness in the community.

Jennie Cheong

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