Buskers block thoroughfares

I share the views of Miss Susan Tan who wrote in to Forum about street musicians (Do not allow busking as a day job; April 17).

I have, on numerous occasions, seen teenagers busking at public places like the common area linking Woodlands MRT station with Causeway Point shopping mall.

A few months ago, a young female busker had a sign which said she was doing it to pay for her university tuition fees.

I had a chat with her and found out that she neither had a licence to busk nor did she know she was required to get one.

While she was being enterprising, youngsters should not pursue this as the sole source of income.

For young adults like the one I spoke to, there are other avenues, like offering tuition or working at fast-food restaurants, to make money.

A good busker often attracts large crowds of onlookers who obstruct human traffic flow in busy thoroughfares.

These could also pose a threat in emergencies.

Zhang Guocheng

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