Bus inspector body cameras helpful in disputes

An SMRT bus waiting at a bus stop in Singapore.
An SMRT bus waiting at a bus stop in Singapore.PHOTO: ST FILE

We thank Forum contributor Narayanan Anand Chandrasekar for his feedback (Are body cameras for bus fare inspectors necessary?, July 31).

SMRT Buses' route controllers have been using body cameras while on duty since January.

The technology helps to verify reported incidents and feedback from the public.

It is also used during contingencies to enhance our operational response.

Currently, around 60 route controllers are equipped with the cameras, which clearly indicate "recording in progress" when the cameras are in use.

When required, the recordings are viewed only by authorised staff.

Otherwise, the footage is securely stored in the bus operations control centre and managed in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

We are continuously improving the way we work to deliver safer and better journeys for commuters.

Margaret Teo

Chief Communications Officer

SMRT Corporation

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