Bus drivers' inadaptability a concern

I am surprised that undertaking more than one route per shift, called "interlining", is so unpopular that many bus drivers would rather resign and become jobless than stick with it ("Go-Ahead scales back multiple route policy"; yesterday).

I note from the report that interlining is the basis of bus operator Go-Ahead's operating model in Britain, and is also a common practice in Australia.

Are our workers that inadaptable, or is it due to a lack of training?

After all, thousands of commuters change buses and even modes of transport on a single journey every day, and they seem able to put up with it.

Taxi and private-car drivers undertake multiple routes every day, too, and they seem to consider this a part of life in a fast-paced city.

We should do a study to find out why people would rather be jobless than drive multiple routes. Such a mindset has consequences for our competitiveness.

Soh Gim Chuan

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