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Bullying not just a school issue

The statistics in the news report on bullying are a concern (Bullying in schools 'stable and managed'; Oct 4).

I believe the figures could be greater. Many physical bullying cases may not be reported, as they happen at canteens, toilets and public spaces outside school. These bullies would not be caught in action by teachers.

I have witnessed a group of boys in school uniforms fighting inside a fast-food restaurant, and no adult intervened. I was also bullied at a playground, but the helpers and mothers of these bullies were just chatting among themselves.

It is not entirely the school's responsibility to ensure good behaviour, as school teachers do not see students round the clock. The public and, most importantly, parents, should be more proactive.

Education begins at home. Everybody has to play a part to make Singapore a gracious society.

Claris Hwang Zi Min, nine

Primary 3 pupil

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