Buildings can last 100 years easily with proper upkeep

I do not agree with Mr Kumar Pillay Thangavalu's view (High maintenance costs likely behind bids to sell en bloc; Dec 23).

Nearly 80 per cent of the buildings sold en bloc this year were 35 years old or less.

Technology has progressed. From an engineering point of view, concrete buildings can last 100 years easily.

With regular maintenance and proper upkeep of our buildings, it is possible to live in them for that long with minimum maintenance cost. This approach is adopted in many developed countries overseas.

Mr Kumar was right in his observation of "sell high, buy high" for those who have to look for replacement homes.

To ensure a level playing field, a collective sales tax should be levied on rental or investor units, as these owners are more likely to vote for a collective sale at the expense of those who genuinely want to live in the estate and make it their home.

It is time for the Strata Titles Board to review its collective sale policy to keep up with the times and protect homes rather than destroy them.

Consideration should be given to all quantifiable and non-quantifiable factors, such as social and environmental impacts, and not just the sales proceeds.

Andy Goh Siak Joo

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