Builder working with family to rectify issues

We refer to the letter by Ms Jacqueline Low (Have a demerit point system for building professionals; Oct 15).

We had earlier investigated Ms Low's feedback on the alleged "unregistered" professional engineer and have already clarified the matter with Ms Low. Our records show that the appointed PE for the project is registered under the Professional Engineers Board and practises under the partnership firm indicated on the project signboard.

Regarding the issues raised by Ms Low arising from the reconstruction of the neighbouring property, we understand that the builder has been following up on the feedback given by the family. The builder has put in measures to address water seepage issues and has assisted the family by carrying out rectification works to the existing gradient of the entrance to deal with water-ponding issues at their gate.

We understand that there was an unfortunate accident during which a plank fell from the welder's grasp while he was working along the boundary wall. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Upon being informed of the fallen plank accident, Building and Construction Authority (BCA) immediately instructed the builder to suspend all works and erect a safety netting before proceeding with further construction works. We understand that the builder has also met the Low family to discuss the schedule of rectification works requested by them.

BCA takes a serious view of any non-compliance of our building regulations and, where necessary, BCA will take appropriate enforcement action against parties responsible. Finally, we thank Ms Low for her suggestions on the demerit point system for contractors and professionals, and the compulsory insurance scheme for them to safeguard the interest of the affected parties. We will take note of the suggestions in our regular review of the building regulations.

Lung Hian Hao

Director, Building Engineering Group

Building and Construction Authority

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