Build interest in sports from the ground up

About two months have passed since the closing ceremony of the SEA Games. Singaporeans are all back to our usual routine, and our achievements in the Games have begun to feel like a distant memory.

All the hype surrounding this sporting competition seems to have disappeared, and the Government's Vision 2030 - a 20-year road map for using sport as a strategy for Singaporeans to have a healthier and better life - does not seem to be a step closer.

The support given to our local athletes had been great, but it still seemed to fall short of what our neighbours were able to offer their athletes.There is a lack of passion in the common man here, and this translates to a lack of the Singapore spirit.

Perhaps a different approach needs to be taken in order for us to progress.

We can explore lending support to ground-up sporting initiatives, where the sporting community takes a more active approach in organising national tournaments, with support from our local sports associations.

The support given to our local athletes had been great, but it still seemed to fall short of what our neighbours were able to offer their athletes.

The local media can also play a pivotal role by televising these competitions. With greater viewership, we will be able to attract more corporate sponsorships and allow our athletes to be more easily recognised.

The constant presence of local sports will help to cultivate support and grow an interest in it and, in doing so, take us a step closer to Vision 2030.

Joel Leong Guo Rong

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on August 25, 2015, with the headline 'Build interest in sports from the ground up'. Print Edition | Subscribe