Build indoor sports arena for families

An aerial view of the Singapore Turf Club, which sits on land about the size of 166 football fields.
An aerial view of the Singapore Turf Club, which sits on land about the size of 166 football fields. PHOTO: TOTE BOARD

Singapore is driving to promote a healthier lifestyle, as such, the Tote Board may wish to consider transforming a significant part of the Singapore Turf Club into an indoor arena that affords families plenty of space for sports activities (Turf Club looks beyond racing for revamp, Sept 30).

Anyone who has tried to obtain an indoor court for their weekly sports games knows the frustration and difficulty in booking a court consistently. This is because indoor courts are scarce and the existing supply is insufficient to meet growing demand.

For each court, time has to be divided into meagre rations so that it can be shared among netball teams, yoga groups, and the like.

There has been an increasing consciousness to cultivate an interest in sports among the young.

While they have the opportunity to participate in sports at school during sports days with their peers, letting parents and children play sports together, be it badminton, basketball or netball, would be a great family bonding opportunity.

This seems far more beneficial than taking our children to malls on the weekends for hours of mindless shopping and wasteful consumerism.

Playing sports outdoors has grown more uncomfortable given the escalating temperatures, not to mention the intermittent haze.

Rather than resign ourselves to a sedentary lifestyle as outdoor conditions grow increasingly unconducive to play, an indoor arena equipped with sports facilities would ensure that families can remain active while engaging in bonding activities.

On top of expanding the sporting ecosystem in Singapore and bringing about health and family benefits, such a space can also work against social stratification and enhance social integration by bringing together diverse social classes. Children will get to make friends with others from outside their school while parents can meet and interact with those outside their places of employment and everyday social circles.

Lily Ong

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