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BTO process must be seen to be transparent

The Housing Board's reply (Checks in place to ensure fair BTO balloting; Sept 15) to my letter (Clarify issues about BTO balloting and process; Aug 10) seems to indicate that a non-computerised process is used in Build-To-Order (BTO) applications.

Why is this so, when all the pertinent data is captured upfront in the online application form?

If a computer ballot is used, why can't all applicants be advised at the same time of their application outcome and queue numbers, immediately after the close of the online application?

The HDB's letter did not address the balloting process, but stated that the process is "audited to ensure fairness".

However, year after year, various ministries and statutory boards are highlighted in the Auditor-General's reports for numerous, recurring lapses when handling tender and procurement exercises.

So how effective are these audits on the HDB's BTO balloting process?

The handling and balloting of BTO flats must not only be transparent and fair, but must also be seen as being transparent and fair.

Tan Soon Hock

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A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Sunday Times on September 24, 2017, with the headline BTO process must be seen to be transparent. Subscribe