Broadband speeds: IDA replies

We thank Mr Teo Hong Siang for his observation ("Can Internet service providers really give 2Gbps?"; Sept 11).

Internet service providers (ISPs) typically advertise their services using theoretically achievable speeds.

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) has required ISPs to measure and publish the typical speeds that their subscribers may experience.

IDA is aware that ISPs such as MyRepublic and ViewQwest have positioned their 2Gbps broadband offers as bundles of two separate 1Gbps lines for each home, or a speed achievable through certain home networking set-ups.

While the ISPs have indicated in their publicity materials the details of their broadband offers, the typical speeds that could be achieved and the limitations under which the theoretical speeds may not be attainable, IDA agrees with Mr Teo that some of the 2Gbps marketing taglines could be made clearer in terms of specific services provided.

IDA has asked the ISPs to give a true picture of their offering and change any advertising that may be misleading.

IDA will continue to monitor how broadband services are being marketed by ISPs to ensure accurate description of the products offered to consumers in the market.

Consumers are also advised to read and understand the details of their preferred service plan and features offered, and clarify any doubts with the sales staff before entering into a broadband contract.

Ng Sook Fun (Ms)

Director, Communication

Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

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