Bring back our 'fine' city

I couldn't agree more with Mr Peh Chwee Hoe (People will benefit only if laws are rigorously enforced; July 25).

Be it personal mobility devices or bicycles, seldom do we see riders following rules. Similarly, people continue to ignore laws or advisories against smoking, littering and noise pollution, as well as driving and parking regulations. The list can go on.

This is because enforcement is lacking in Singapore and government agencies are not working together to make our city clean, green and safe.

In addition, public officers seem to seldom go down to the field to carry out inspections.

How I long for a return to the past when a big stick was used.

Then, the signs against littering or smoking displayed prominently the heavy fines for breaking the rules, which made people think twice before acting.

Today, we see polite signs and banners, for example, telling people to keep the environment they love clean.

Many do not seem to care about such notices, especially when they see rule breakers get away easily.

So, let us bring back our "fine" city. Hitting the pockets will make it hurt. When word spreads that the authorities mean business, we will see things improving.

Ng Suan Eng (Ms)

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