Bring back Malaysia Cup to return to football's glory days

It is undeniable that past Malaysia Cup football competitions with Singapore's participation created an intense sporting rivalry, enthralled football fans on both sides of the Causeway and filled stadiums to their full capacities (Malaysia Cup will reignite Singapore fans' interest in local football, by Mr Irwan Jamil; July 10).

In turn, the star players discovered during the competitions became an attraction that drew crowds when they played for their local clubs in their home leagues.

It was a win-win situation for both Malaysia and Singapore.

From past experience, it appears that Singapore's presence in the competition evoked a burning desire among Malaysian states to beat its neighbour that it spurred and energised all teams to work hard and produce capable teams for the encounters.

The Singapore team would also work harder so as not to be outdone by the Malaysian teams.

These games will also generate business for the transport, food and beverage and hotel sectors as well as create some some jobs to support the large audience numbers at these stadiums.

Bring back the Malaysia Cup and football's glory days, with its passionate rivalry and stirring plays that captivated fans in both countries, will return.

George Pasqual

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