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Bridge arts-science divide in JCs

It is laudable that universities are revising their curriculum to ensure students can venture beyond their majors for a diverse educational experience.

But there continues to be a great divide between the science and arts streams in junior colleges.

This may risk imposing a group identity that discourages students from pursuing knowledge and ideas beyond their stream.

In fact, a friend once told me that he felt the humanities were irrelevant to him because he was a "science" student.

We are living in a complex, ambiguous world where disciplinary boundaries become increasingly blurred, and problems demand knowledge and skills that cut across traditionally defined fields of study.

It is, thus, of utmost importance that the education system highlights the inherent connections between subjects, and creates opportunities for students to explore beyond their academic streams.

More deliberate effort should be made to disintegrate the boundary between the two streams in JCs.

For a start, perhaps schools could remove the letter "A" or "S" in their class nomenclatures, which denote the stream that a class belongs to.

Zhang Zhi, 19,

Junior College Year2 Student

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