Boycott unscrupulous fresh chicken distributors

The 13 unscrupulous fresh chicken distributors involved in price fixing and anti-competitiveness were interested only in the bottom line with complete disregard for the consumers (13 chicken firms fined $26.9m for price fixing; Sept 13).

The distributors were fined $26.9 million by the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore. But, consumers should also mete out their own punishment.

Consumers should boycott these 13 suppliers by not buying or eating chicken for a while.

Doing so would teach these dishonest suppliers a lesson about price fixing as they would feel the need to reduce the price of chicken due to lower demand from the public.

If any business unnecessarily increases the prices of its goods merely to increase its profit, the customers could bring down the prices by not patronising the outlet concerned.

After a while, these profiteers would have to lower their prices or fold up.

Everyone should get together and prevent food suppliers from taking us hostage by manipulating prices.

Singaporeans must realise that they possess this powerful weapon to bring down prices.

Pavithran Vidyadharan

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