Bouquets : Well taken care of while ill on flight

Well taken care of while ill on flight

While travelling back to Singapore after a long vacation with my family, I felt unwell and vomited on a Singapore Airlines flight from Los Angeles.

The staff were helpful and got me warm towels to clean myself up. They also gave me extra paper bags in case I needed them again, and motion sickness pills.

I thank them for their assistance and help, and was certainly touched by their efforts.

Darice Wong (Ms)

Good Samaritan on peak-hour train

On Monday, at around 7.40am, my wife, 11-year-old daughter and I were waiting for the train at Punggol MRT station.

We were the last in the queue. My daughter entered the train first, holding my wife's hand.

But as my wife was boarding, the doors closed firmly on her. We panicked when the doors did not reopen.

I pushed my daughter towards a female commuter and pulled my wife out of the doors. As the doors closed again, I gestured to my daughter to keep close to the female commuter and wait for us at the next station, Sengkang.

We were not sure if she understood us. When we got to Sengkang on the next train, we were relieved to see her waiting with the female commuter.

We thanked her for her kindness and continued our journey together.

The station officer at Punggol later told me that if the train door closes on an object that is within 10cm in width, the doors would first shut firmly, then a little tighter. If the object is still stuck, eventually the door would open all the way.

As long as one does not struggle, there would be no malfunction.

I hope the authorities will display this information at all train stations so that commuters will not panic if the train doors close on them.

Moses Tan Soon Beng

Peace of mind with dedicated staff

My father died recently after being ill for almost five years. In those five years, he was frequently in and out of National University Hospital.

During his last stay at NUH, he was cared for by nurses in Ward 7B.

They were always patient and gentle. When they found out that my parents' wedding anniversary was on Nov 28, they bought them a cake and a card. My mother was very touched by this gesture.

We also thank the nurses in Ward 6A, where my father stayed previously, and all the staff who attended to him.

Everyone who took care of my father was professional, caring, kind and patient. They gave us the peace of mind to go home, knowing that my father was in the best hands possible.

We applaud their outstanding dedication and will not forget their good work.

Rodney Carlose

Better hospital stay with personal touch

I thank the team at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital's Ward B10 for making my father's recent stay a pleasant one.

Dr Jonathan Foo kept my father in good spirits and constantly encouraged him to focus on his recovery.

The staff nurses, especially Muhammad Hafiz Rosman and Tan Mei Hong, cared for my father and always attended to his many requests with a smile.

I was impressed with the professionalism and care that the team delivered. Their personal touch definitely made my father's stay a more comfortable one. I hope they keep up the good work.

Goh Soon Yao

In the good hands of excellent doctors

I was recently admitted to Singapore General Hospital and received excellent care and attention from a team of professional, dedicated, caring and compassionate doctors, nurses and allied health workers.

The doctors explained everything in detail, listened, comforted and reassured me, and the nurses were cheerful, helpful and attentive.

I especially thank Dr Chan Yew Meng, Professor Julian Thumboo, Dr Warren Fong, Dr Annie Law, Dr Poh Yih Jia, Dr Stanley Angkodjojo, Dr Jessherin Kaur Sidhu, Dr Edmund Chan and team, Dr Reuben Soh and team, Professor Tan Ban Hock, Professor Loo Chian Min, Dr Ong Wai Choung, Professor Lo T.Y. and team, Dr Colin Tan, Dr Yeoh C.J., physiotherapist Sherie Ng, the renal team, and the nursing teams at Wards 76 and 73.

I applaud all of them. I felt like I was in good hands, despite my difficult case.

Wendy Hui Yue May (Ms)

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