Bouquets : Wallet found, thanks to airport, shop staff

Wallet found, thanks to airport, shop staff

On Aug 2, I was at Changi Airport Terminal 1 for my flight to Toronto, Canada. I was early, so decided on some last-minute shopping. Later, I went to claim my GST refund, but on opening my backpack, discovered my wallet missing.

Panic-stricken, I approached an airport officer, Mr Arul, and told him what happened. I had lost not only cash and credit cards, but also my Canadian travel document. He called Lost & Found to report the loss and describe my wallet.

Less than 10 minutes later, I was paged over the intercom to go to an information counter. Mr Arul joined me at the counter and took me to an area just before the passport-scanning turnstiles.

There, Ms Rashidah of the Relay Bookstore was waiting for us with my wallet.

A quick check revealed that everything was intact. This can happen only in Singapore.

I was able to board my scheduled flight to Toronto with renewed admiration and awe for Singapore and its amazing citizens.

Thank you very much, Mr Arul, Ms Rashidah and all Singaporeans. I enjoyed my stay in Singapore very much!

Margaret Sabrina Leong Siak-Chin (Ms)

Toronto, Canada

Ward staff ease pain of hospital stay

I was admitted to Tan Tock Seng on July 26 with a bad case of gastroenteritis.

The emergency department staff were outstanding with their diagnosis and the relevant medical treatment. I requested a private room, but none was available, so I accepted the first bed given.

At Ward 5D, I encountered the sterling medical skills and devotion of the staff there. The attentive and smiling faces of the nurses kept me cheerful, despite the numerous times I had to empty my bowels and get my blood drawn. Their gentleness helped me deal with all the discomfort that I was experiencing, and I really appreciate that.

I was so pleased with Ward 5D that I did not seek to upgrade during my stay.

From a grateful senior citizen.

Ng Hon Po

Touched by shop assistant's honesty

On my last night in Singapore on July 31, I went walking around Great World City.

Later, when I had to pay for a purchase I was making, I could not find my wallet.

I panicked and retraced my steps, asking if anyone had seen my wallet. A man approached me to say that his worker had found my wallet in the washroom. He accompanied me to the information booth, where two women were documenting the contents of my wallet.

I found out that a young woman at a shoe store, ShoeBay, was the one who found my wallet.

Ms KhinThida Kyaw, a young Myanmar national, was shy and polite. I thanked her profusely and gave her $50. She didn't pay any attention to the money, but just smiled at me.

Nicole La Chica Thompson (Mrs)

Texas, United States

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