Bouquets: Two boys helped man in distress

Yio Chu Kang Bus Interchange on Oct 16, 2019.
Yio Chu Kang Bus Interchange on Oct 16, 2019.ST PHOTO: KUA CHEE SIONG

Two boys helped man in distress

I was at the bus stop opposite Serangoon Sport Centre in Yio Chu Kang Link after my four-hour dialysis session when my blood pressure suddenly dropped.

Feeling very dizzy, I sat on the bench with my head bowed. I was perspiring.

Two primary school boys in uniform approached me, asking if I was all right. I told them that I was very weak and asked if they could help me hail a taxi.

After five minutes of trying to hail a cab without success, the boys booked a private-hire car instead and gave me the details.

Meanwhile, one of them got me a cold drink from a nearby shop. I politely turned down the offer but thanked them for their very kind act.

I was too weak and disoriented to ask the boys for their names or the school they are from.

I am sure these two boys will grow up to become responsible, caring adults. Their parents deserve credit for raising such fine sons.

Neo Poh Goon

Deepavali cheer at Sheng Siong

I was pleasantly surprised to see the staff at a Sheng Siong outlet wearing purple T-shirts with the word "Deepavali".

Kudos to the management of Sheng Siong for taking the initiative to promote the Festival of Lights as a celebration for all.

It means a lot to me, as a member of a minority group, to see Sheng Siong respecting my culture.

Playing Deepavali songs is one thing, but having the staff wear the T-shirts brought smiles to the number of Indians who were at the supermarket at the time.

Janagi Somu

Free pneumonia jabs at nursing home

A friend whose mother is a resident of Bethany Nursing Home (Choa Chu Kang) told me that the home will give free pneumococcal vaccinations to its residents.

This is to prevent the spread of community-acquired pneumonia, a common and debilitating ailment.

I understand that this vaccination is expensive, so I applaud the nursing home's initiative.

In addition to reducing the spread of a preventable disease, the nursing home's action alleviates the strain - whether emotional, physical or financial - on caregivers and family members.

Shirley Wong

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