Bouquets: Touched by MRT staff's kindness

Touched by MRT staff's kindness

On June 15, my mum, an elderly woman, lost her balance and fell while going up one of the escalators at Buona Vista MRT station.

She took me down with her when I tried to steady her. Both of us suffered injuries. Mum hit her head which left a bump, while I injured the right side of my body.

The staff at the station quickly came to our help. They brought a wheelchair for mum to sit down and calm herself and called for an ambulance to take her to hospital where she was treated and discharged immediately.

Two days after the accident, mum showed me some flowers that were sent to her. They were from the staff of Buona Vista MRT station. The note attached wished my mum a speedy recovery.

How kind, thoughtful and helpful the staff of Buona Vista MRT are.

Bobby Yeo Chek Hong

Pregnant woman gave up seat for me

I am a physically fit 70-year-old man, but my healthy condition did not stop a woman from offering me the reserved seat she had been sitting on.

After she stood up and signalled for me to take her seat, I realised that she was pregnant. I turned down her offer but was touched by her kind gesture.

After she sat down, she stood up again and insisted that I take the seat. I thought she was about to alight. Instead she walked over to another reserved seat nearby.

I told my grandchildren, family and colleagues about the kind woman. What a wonderful reminder she was for us to put the needs of others before our own.

Eric Tan Hok Quan

Kudos to KFC for going straw-free

I was extremely heartened to hear of KFC's bold decision to go straw-free (KFC to go straw-free, cut use of plastic lids; June 19).

As a large fast-food chain with numerous outlets in Singapore and around the world, KFC is truly setting an example for others to follow.

I hope that more cafes, restaurants, schools and workplaces will follow KFC's example.

As momentum towards a straw-free Singapore builds, let's push our little island towards becoming a greener place.

Ang Zyn Yee (Ms)

Impressed by NUH facility and doctors

I was warded at National University Hospital (NUH) for a liver transplant recently. And I would like to say that NUH is truly a world-class hospital with a group of wonderful doctors. Thank you, NUH.

Chin Siew Kiong

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