Bouquets : Touched by honest worker

Touched by honest worker

About two weeks ago, while I was riding my motorbike along Hougang Avenue 5, my wallet containing four bank cards, $150, my identity card and driving licence slipped out of my back pocket and onto the road.

I realised the loss only on reaching my destination, and retraced my route to find it, with no success.

I made a police report, cancelled my bank cards and braced myself for a difficult weekend, with no cash whatsoever on hand.

That evening, a young foreign worker by the name of Pandian came to my home and handed me my wallet. He came down at the end of his work day. The contents were all intact. I was overjoyed.

He refused my attempts to give him a reward, saying that he was happy simply to do the right thing.

I was touched by his honesty. I hope others will be inspired to do the right thing too.

Leslie J. Pakianathan

Great support made for good trip

On the last day of our recent vacation in Japan, my wife suffered an injury. It was so severe that she could move about only in a wheelchair.

I heartily thank the staff of Singapore Airlines, Fukuoka Airport and Changi Airport, as well as the cabin crew of Flight SQ655, especially flight steward Lee, for their help last Sunday.

Their unstinting care, assistance and support contributed to my wife's comfortable, safe and uneventful return trip.

Teoh Woi Khon

Best care until the end

I thank the doctors and nurses of Tan Tock Seng Hospital for their efforts in attending to my late mother-in-law, Madam Tan Lee Kheng.

Dr Chia Siew Chin of the Palliative Medicine department excelled and exceeded her duties for the past two years. Dr Alexander of the Accident and Emergency department was impressive as well.

The doctors and nurses of ward 86 were very patient and friendly. I was updated daily of my mother-in-law's progress.

My family is very grateful to all the staff who took care of my mother-in-law. Through their efforts, she received the best care until the very end.

Wendy Choo Lay Hong (Madam)

Kind gesture for autistic boy

On Tuesday morning, I took my 18-year-old autistic son to McDonald's for breakfast.

There were four people ahead of us in the queue. While waiting, my son threw a tantrum. When he settled down, I wondered how much longer it would be before our turn.

Then, the woman at the top of the queue turned around and said we could go first. The others in the queue nodded their agreement.

I am really thankful to everyone for their understanding. Their kind gesture meant a lot to me.

Max Goh Eng Swee

A godsend to boy in need

It was heartwarming to read about entrepreneur Timothy Cheng and his mentor, Mr Philip Ang, who created opportunities for him to get to where he is now (From no food at home to dishing out food for the masses; Oct 2).

It is nothing short of divine intervention that Mr Cheng neither fell into bad company and crime, nor sank into depression.

It is heartening that he is now paying it forward by creating employment and opportunities for others.

Mr Ang and the men and women of Grace Assembly of God church who helped Mr Cheng along the way are truly a godsend.

Woon Wee Min

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