Bouquets: Teacher's work continues after students graduate

Teacher's work continues after students graduate

While applying for admission to local universities, I found that university applications require referee reports to be submitted by junior college or high school teachers as testament to the student's character.

I am extremely grateful to my former teacher who helped me complete my referee reports.

During the application window for university admissions, teachers may receive many requests from former students to provide testimonials. This adds to the burden of teachers, who have to allocate time to former students at the expense of personal time, or face the dilemma of rationing time between current and former students.

Traditionally, a teacher's role has been to educate students in school, preparing them for life after graduation. It is time society recognise that teachers play a far bigger role, and continue to help their students even after they have graduated.

Jonathan Au Eong Tian Wei

Excellent care from doctor and his team

Singapore General Hospital has been ranked the third best hospital in the world by Newsweek magazine (SGH ranked world's third best hospital by Newsweek, March 22). This is a great achievement for Singapore.

I was recently admitted to the National Heart Centre Singapore for a heart operation, and was struck by the excellent professionalism and care that I received.

Senior consultant Tan Teing Ee, his medical team and nurses performed a seven-hour operation to repair a tear in my aorta, a major operation with a 70 per cent chance of survival.

Dr Tan's skill as a heart specialist and the post-operative care provided by the team of nurses have given me a second lease of life, and I cannot praise them enough.

Vincent Chua Kim Huat

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