Bouquets : Swift help for unconscious fare

Swift help for unconscious fare

On March 9, I was in a ComfortDelGro limousine cab on my way to catch a flight to Hanoi when I lost consciousness.

The driver alerted the airport authorities of my condition. The airport police then swiftly arranged for my transfer to Changi General Hospital (CGH).

I am sincerely grateful to the people who helped me that day.

First, Changi Airport Group employee Rita Nataragan, who contacted my travelling companion and my son.

Second, CGH accident and emergency staff, doctors, nurses, nursing officers and biomedical staff, who all showed empathy and helped me through this episode. Third, the staff at ComfortDelGro, who called to inquire into my well-being.

I also thank the cab driver who helped me. I do not know his name, but I feel terrible to have given him such a shock and not have paid his fares.

Lee Foong Hun (Ms)

Impressed with ICA efficiency

On Feb 10, I took my son to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) building to collect his passport.

We had made an appointment online for 9.30am and arrived at 9.10am. We were prepared to wait for at least 20 minutes, but we managed to get the passport within 10 minutes.

I was impressed with the efficiency. We should all learn from the ICA to streamline procedures for the best use of time and resources, so that efficiency can become the trademark of Singapore.

Brenda Tan Sinc Wee (Ms)

Honest cabby brings much relief

On Feb 26, my boyfriend boarded TransCab taxi SHD5607B to Raffles Place, but left his brand new phone in the cab when he alighted. He was panicky, as not only was the phone new, but it also contained a lot of work- related confidential information.

I called his phone and, to my surprise, the taxi driver, Mr Yeo, answered. He said he would not be able to return it so soon as he was completing a trip in Jurong East. But he gave me his personal phone number and told me to send him a message on when and where it would be convenient for him to drop the phone off.

The phone was returned shortly after I sent the message.

I highly commend Mr Yeo for his actions. He was willing to disrupt his schedule to return the phone and did so with no expectation of reward. Such genuine kindness and honesty must surely be acknowledged.

Margaux Ith (Ms)

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