Bouquets : Support from kind strangers after injury

Support from kind strangers after injury

On the afternoon of March 19, I had an accident at an MRT station, injured my left leg and could not walk.

Thankfully, some kind people helped me to get all the way from Buona Vista station to Serangoon station, where my family was waiting.

I also thank the Changi General Hospital accident and emergency department staff - triage nurse Christine and Dr David Bako - who attended to me.

We are fortunate to have people like them serving the community.

Goh Liang Kee (Dr)

LTA helped cabby to get his fare

I picked up a passenger who later claimed she did not have enough cash to pay the fare. Her Nets and credit cards were also rejected.

She left her mobile phone number with me, and promised to do a bank transfer later.

Over the next six days, I called and texted her for the fare but to no avail. I lodged a complaint via e-mail to the Land Transport Authority (LTA).

Initially, LTA said it would require the passenger's full particulars, including the NRIC number, full name and address, to conduct an investigation.

The LTA officer then said that I should visit the LTA office in person. With the help of the officer, I eventually received my money.

While I am deeply appreciative of LTA's help, I would like to make some suggestions for LTA to consider:

First, the LTA should allow investigations to proceed as long as taxi drivers have the mobile phone numbers of the errant passengers. It can be challenging for us to obtain the full particulars.

I also hope that the LTA can facilitate the process electronically, instead of having us lodge a complaint in person.

Tay Gin Wah

Kind cabby helped sick passenger

I thank taxi driver Chia Shee Mee (SHB907D) for his kindness during a trip to the polyclinic.

I was feeling very weak and unwell and was having heart palpitations when he picked me up. Throughout the trip, he was gentle and kind, and taught me breathing techniques to help lower my heart rate and calm myself down.

During emergencies or in situations where a passenger is unwell, such actions by a taxi driver can go a long way.

Cara Chan (Madam)

Cheerful and dedicated cleaner

After 10 years of tireless work in the Spring View neighbourhood, cleaner Rashed Miah has returned to his home town for good.

He is well-known and well-liked by residents in the neighbourhood because he is hard-working and has a cheerful smile.

He had kept the place clean and neat, and tidied up after activities were held.

We thank him very much and will certainly miss his presence.

Lim Lih Mei (Ms)

Lucky to have beautiful parks

I am delighted to see that, after a lengthy period of rejuvenation, the area of East Coast Park by the Siglap Canal is now much more charming. Kudos to the PUB.

The project has also improved the drainage, thereby reducing oxygenation problems caused by the sluggish flow of water in the canal and paving the way for cleaner water for our island.

Phillip Tan Fong Lip

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